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2013/04/24 by Chity
Tom: Thanks for having a peek and cemtonming; I really appreciate it. I am getting such a kick out of this whole experience. I was leaving Schnitzel’s with a group of barbershoppers tonight: one of the quartets, an international medalist quartet, Play It

2013/04/24 by Hong
I read your review of Copper Thunderbird by Marie Clements and am exeitcd about seeing it in Ottawa at the Magnetic North Festival. I have seen the play developed since its inception because I am a friend and colleague of Marie’s so I am reallly looki

2013/04/24 by Larisa
I chose that photo because it loeokd kind of artsy to me, because it shows me in profile, and because (since I am usually the one taking the pictures) there are very few photos of me; in most of them I am smiling dorkily straight on at the camera, and the

2013/04/27 by xlpvtfozo
KigCtp <a href=’http:eoyyacvbeljr.com/’>eoyyacvbeljr</a>


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