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  Galleries by Bo "Far Frome Home" Alexander

  Pegi telling about Bridge School

BSB 2007

  (number of pictures: 12)
  Karen warming up for OPL

OPL 2007

  (number of pictures: 11)
  Neil caricature - Without the silly hat.

Neil Caricatures

  (number of pictures: 2)
  Hiking up...

Hiking Sanborn Trail 2006

  (number of pictures: 4)

BSB 2006

Fun shots, sorry my view/camera not so hot for many shots.

  (number of pictures: 14)

IRF 2006

  (number of pictures: 10)

Mazzeo & The People’s Art Gallery

  (number of pictures: 6)

OPL 2006

  (number of pictures: 18)
  Dinner at The Mountain House

Half Moon Bay 2006

Half Moon Bay & The Coast

  (number of pictures: 19)
  ...thought it would be neat to see it...


We were looking at the jail from Greendale....

  (number of pictures: 8)

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